Friday, February 28, 2014

Day +48: Seven Days To Go

At last, some good news!

My nurse practitioner came today with some good news. My viral infection is gone, and that I can go home on Friday, March 7. My husband and I were relieved and elated.

Of course there's a catch, there's always a catch.

I have to go through another bone-marrow biopsy; I think this is now my 10th biopsy. I did asked to be sedated though. In addition, they'll also "take out" or should I say "pull out" the hickman catheter on my chest. I'm a bit nervous about how they're going to pull this catheter out. Just thinking about it makes me shiver.

Today, I start my countdown. Seven days to go.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day +46 Update

The past few weeks were uneventful and we like it that way.

Every single day has been routine blood work and just keeping up with my meds.  Sometimes, I feel like a dog on a leash that all my activities are either restricted or controlled.  Boredom is starting to get me as we do the same thing every single day. I try not to over think the routine. I just close my eyes and put one foot forward and hoping the rest will follow. I know the weariness is also getting to my husband. We both want to go home.

Last week, I caught a viral infection and had fevers and chills for about two days. It was so uncomfortable especially the night sweats. I'm really impressed with my care team at Johns Hopkins; they work fast and efficient. The same day I reported a fever, my nurse took blood cultures and the lab techs identified the virus right away. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic and the fevers and chills were gone the next day. I am really amazed how bone-marrow transplants have evolved these days. I do hope this program at Johns Hopkins will keep improving.

Apart from the boredom and routine, I am quite happy that my donor's bone-marrow has engrafted. I am thrilled that I am now producing my own blood. My doctors said that my bone-marrow is still a "baby" so I should give it time to grow and reach its potential.

I think things are starting to look up.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, Kayni!

Those were my husband's first words of the day. No cards, no flowers and no presents, but they're the sweetest words I've ever heard.  My husband, family and friends are my wonderful gifts this Valentine's Day. They've been my support and source of strength.

I give most credit to my husband who's been with me every single day, 24 hours each day since I've been admitted for my BMT.

For my husband, you're the sweetest and best husband one could ever have.

I LOVE YOU! You are my Valentine - always!

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To the few who still read my blog, thank you and Happy Valentine's Day!