About Kayni

My name is Kayni, and I have decided to write about my quest to defeat Aplastic Anemia/MDS here.  This blog will document my struggles and my will to win this fight.

I was born and raised in the Philippines but currently live in the US. I am pursuing my graduate studies in International Affairs, but currently on medical leave in order to treat my Aplastic Anemia/MDS.

I have been living with Aplastic Anemia since 2006, and this year, 2013, my doctors suggested that it is time to go through a bone-marrow transplant (BMT).  BMT is my chance to get cured. Although it is a risky process, I have decided to go through it.

I make time for travel, photography, cooking, writing letters and reading all sorts of books.

I am crazy about Japanese stationeries, cute stuff toys, chocolate and Hawaii.

If you'd like to contact me or ask me anything, please e-mail me at misskayni at gmail dot com.

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