Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day -9: One of Three ATG Treatments

After spending New Year's Eve with my parents, it was around 11:30 AM when we left for Johns Hopkins. Admission went smoothly and quickly, my nurse for the day helped me got settled in my room and the blood work began immediately. Since I knew that my first three days will be the infusion of anti-thymocite globulin (ATG), I was really nervous because I've heard horrible stories about allergic reactions to the drug.

I was given pre-meds then my nurse started the ATG infusion at around 5 PM.  She also kept watched every 15 minutes for an hour. I am so glad I did ok with the first ATG infusion. About an hour or two to the treatment, I started having a slight headache but it died down.

ATG infusion was finished at around 11:30 PM. Boy I was so tired, but sleeping in a hospital is not the most restful. I didn't get a decent sleep. Perhaps my body is still adjusting to my new environment in addition to the hot flashes I experienced last night. Nurse told me the hot flashes are common reaction to the ATG treatment.

We're now on Day -8.

As for those asking where to send cards or care packages, here's my address. I would love to hear from you.

Kayni Dacoco
The Hackerman-Patz Patient and Family Pavilion
Room 306
301 North Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21231


  1. Almost there Kayni. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers always. Remember that you have prayer warriors outside that hospital storming heaven for your recovery.

  2. Keep strong Kayni and you will get through this.


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