Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Its Day +282!

I am still here. Although I've been so quiet, no news is good news.

There are days I still can't believe I am here.

I've asked my husband, several times, if there were moments during my treatment that he thought I wouldn't make it. He'd say, "No. I knew things will be alright and that you'll get through the transplant okay." That's my husband, between the two of us, he is the optimist. I tend to be the whiner and the pessimist. Sometimes I just whine just because I can. Honestly, after my transplant, I feel like I'm adjusting to a new body. It could just be psychological.

This is my last week with Prednisone. My skin graft-vs-host disease seemed to have responded. I am now only taking the pill every other day, and after two weeks of that regimen, doctor recommended I should stop taking it completely. Prednisone needs to be tapered as it does have side-effects, and I am starting to feel them now. Since the tapering started, I've been feeling crappy, have less energy and sleepy at most times of the day. It's been a rough two weeks. My hopes are that even without the steroid, my skin gvhd will not flare up.

Next week, I'm going to see my doctor for my follow-up check-up. I still have my monthly blood work, but I only see my doctor now every two months. It feels great that my life does not revolved around the hospital and blood work anymore.

I am recovering very well except that I've been getting pain attacks below my right rib. Since my doctor knew that I have gallstones in addition to a "lazy gallbladder" diagnosis before my transplant, she suspects that they're the culprit. She suggested that I may need to get it removed. Health challenges keep coming I tell ya.

Next week, I'll have my lungs tested and will also have an ultra-sound for my gallbladder.

I am not sure when the surgery will take place, but boy I am scared.

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