Friday, July 25, 2014

Six-Months Post-BMT

"Yes, you can eat seafood and have a beer too!"

Could that be true?

I've been avoiding all alcoholic drinks for the past eight years because of my low platelets; Alcohol impairs the ability of the bone marrow to produce platelets, since my platelets were so low, alcoholic drinks were prohibited. Today, Dr. D finally said I could have one.

Am I dreaming? It's good great news, but I'm not jumping to go have a drink right away. I'm just glad that my platelets are normal. In fact, all my counts are normal and these results are worth celebrating.

My actual visit with Dr. D took place late in the afternoon, but I can't help but start with the good news.

Today was my six-month post-BMT bone marrow biopsy follow-up. The biopsy went well, as I opted for sedation. At least, the anxiety and nervousness were controlled. But even with sedation, when that needle punctures the hip bone, the suction/pressure is still painful. We'll know the results next week; I think.

After my biopsy, Kepi and I had lunch at the hospital cafeteria. I was famished as I was fasting for the bone marrow biopsy. The cafeteria always brings back a lot of memories while I was confined at the hospital... After lunch, we proceeded for my pulmonary function test (PFT). The PFT went well and my lung's performance and capacity are up at 98-100% now. It's a great improvement from my last test taken in March.

My six-month post BMT check-up went well. My back and hip are a bit sore from the procedure, but my heart is truly happy.

Tomorrow, Kepi and I will celebrate - take a trip to Virginia perhaps or go see a movie. It doesn't matter what we do. Today, we're happy.

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