Wednesday, November 20, 2013

IVIG Infusion

Yesterday was a long day!

It took almost three hours for my IVIG infusion. Then my doctor decided to give me two more bags of platelets. We arrived at the hospital at around 10 AM and we left at about 4:45 PM. I felt so tired and my head was woozy from the pre-medication they gave me. The IVIG is supposed to help my body keep the platelets longer. It seemed to work as my post platelet count after infusion went up to 67,000. Although it's a temporary fix, it's a bit of good news.

Dr. D came by to see me during the infusion. She's decided to move my transplant to January 2014 as there's a hold up in the donor search. I felt a bit sad that I'm not getting treatment the soonest, but I was also glad that I'll be spending Christmas at home with my family.

To whoever is reading this blog, please pray that my donor is found soon.


  1. i am glad that even though it is a temporary fix, it will make you feel more like your old self until the transplant time. hugs, continuously praying for you;.

  2. Stay strong, I will pray that you will find a donor soon.


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