Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Grateful Post

Today, a special gift from California arrived. The present neither came wrapped in glittery paper nor adorned with colorful ribbons. In fact, they came in simple, cold, translucent bags. Although simple and unadorned, these bags brought the best gift of all - LIFE.

This post is for my California platelet donor, whoever you are, you have my lasting gratitude for responding to my need of platelets. Platelet donations are tougher compared to donating blood, and I admire you for going through it. Thank you so much for your gift of life. 


I've been waiting for matched platelets for almost a week now.  Since bleeding from my bone marrow biopsy procedure, my transplant team has been on the phone looking for matched platelets out-of-state. Surviving with just 1,000 platelets the past few days has been rough. I've been trapped at home and was not allowed to help in the kitchen especially in preparing and cooking food. My body is now covered in bruises and petechiae but I am hoping that some of these would clear up by tomorrow. The toughest of all is the psychological challenge of keeping my wits together in such a vulnerable and weak state.

For now, my transplant team has to keep finding me carefully matched platelets. My doctor also mentioned about putting me on Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) to keep/control my antibodies from attacking my own platelets and infused platelets.

It's another cold day in Maryland. Keep warm and always keep a grateful heart.

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